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Large Circular water feature fountain

This is a self contained fountain no pond is needed.

Comes complete with pump all you need to do is assemble plug in and fill with water.

Superb high definition fountain .

As with all our designs this fountain is made from solid cast stone to give many years of pleasure. 

1 Circular stone Pond surround incorporating 3 planting areas. This is delivered in 4 sections for ease of instalment. The surround wraps around a custom made to measure fibre glass inner pond which gives you a lot of pond space around your fountain.In the centre of the pond sat upon a pump housing is the 2 Tier Pineapple Fountain. The water is pumped from the pond through the Pineapple Finial at the top and then cascades down the tiers and back into the pond.

The fountain is 2.10m high and weighs 800KG.

All items made in the UK.


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